Our Philosophy
At The UnderGround Market and studio, re-cycling, up-cycling, and re-purposing vintage materials means a lasting, brighter future for our planet. And we’re generating new inventive treasures every day! From re-purposed furniture to salvaged vintage décor, the Underground Market has everything you need to lead an environmentally chic life!

Our Purpose
We are an online vintage boutique and art studio based out of Littleton, Colorado. UGM provides a place to shop for one-of-a-kind treasures, unique gifts, and unexpected items in an environmentally-friendly, creative and friendly atmosphere. If you are looking to discover new and creative ways of expressing your love for the environment and a place to be creative, and learn new techniques for turning those things you would throw away into works of art, things of beauty, and 100% original decor, this is the place for you.

Who We Are
We are a group of artists and designers who love to share their ideas and experiment with their creativity. They are always working on something new and wonderful for you to see. The store was started with just this in mind, artists working together to inspire and support each other while supporting a clean environment. Have fun browsing this portfolio site and see what’s available for sale too!

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